Thanks for visiting Circuit Basics! Here you’ll find lots of tutorials about basic circuit design, programming, the Arduino, and the Raspberry Pi. I created this site as a place for beginning engineers, programmers, and hobbyists to follow me as I build different electronics projects from very the basic to the highly complex. Hopefully it will provide you with a foundation of what you need to know to begin your hobby or career in electronics. We post tutorials regularly in a format that’s easy to understand and includes all the information you need to complete a project.

My interest in electronics began at an early age (like most of you probably), when I started taking apart telephones, stereos, and other appliances around the house. The challenge was putting it all back together before my parents came home. Thankfully, now there are better ways to explore electronics.

The Arduino and Raspberry Pi make it easy and affordable to learn about the technology around us and how it works. There’s a wealth of information on the internet for us to study and ask questions. But there’s so much information that it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or which questions to ask. Hopefully Circuit Basics will give you that information and provide a simple and comprehensive way to start your journey into the fascinating world of electronics.

Scott Campbell

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